Minion Costume DIY: My child the Minion Star

Hey everyone!
I’m super excited to make this post. If you don’t know, I make my child home made costumes every year and they are usually the bomb. Im not making this up.

537301_10201511040596150_2139945092_n 10440742_10204013268950295_6899298716514627701_n

This year he wanted to be a minion. Kevin to be exact. And my wonderful photographer Tristan took photos while I made it. I will try my best to explain everything and some photos appear to be lost, but I feel like I have enough.

Let’s just get into the tutorial This is super easy! 🙂

Take two pieces of poster board and form them into a cylinder and duck tape the ends together.  After blowing up the punching balloon, set it in the cylinder made of poster board and duck tape it, like so…


Get a lot of free news papers, and cut them into short and long strips.


Mix water and flour together and dip the strips of newspaper in the homemade paste concoction you just whipped up.  Place strips of newspaper on the balloon/posterboard mold you just made. Make sure its a thick, sturdy layer of newspaper glue. This is called paper machete.  Allow to dry for about 24 hours.


After the glue dries, pop the balloon. And paper machet the opening. Allow to dry. 

Paint the minion yellow. I used Rustoleum in Sunburst Yellow with a brush for a little bit 
IMG_7431 IMG_7440  IMG_7442 IMG_7438

before switching to yellow Rustoleum spray paint and going outside. You just need to make a nice yellow minion.

After the minion is painted, allow it to dry.

 Lets make Kevin’s glasses.

You’ll need white foam, black foam, and sticky yellow foam. I got this Minion Eye notebook from target.  All you need is the minion eyeballs, you can print a photo out online. You will need two half foam balls,  two screw on lids to a jar, and a hot glue gun.

IMG_7824 IMG_7821 IMG_7820 IMG_7826

You need to take the yellow foam and cut it into a shape to form an eyelid to the eyeballs.  Make two of them.

IMG_7861 IMG_7862

Next, Take the backing off the yellow foam.

IMG_7873 IMG_7874

form the yellow half circles around the half foam balls.  Remember these are eyelids, use common sense and don’t be afraid to google photos of Kevin for a reference.  

IMG_7878 IMG_7882 IMG_7889 IMG_7888 

Cut out eyeballs and glue them wear they should be.  

 Glue the half foam circle with yellow foam on it, into the screw on cap to a jar. Use extra glue to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart.  That would be embarrassing for the child. well, for me it would have been lol.

 IMG_7920 IMG_7903

Cut off excess yellow foam. Do these steps twice. Then you’ll glue the two eyes together. 

 Cute strips from the black foam. To make the strap for the glasses. 


Next we need to cut some holes. Measure it on whoever is wearing it for arm holes and seeing holes through the mouth of the minion. Try to estimate the distance from the eye to mouth based off of the minion you are making. Look up a picture of your minion smiling with teeth to mimick the shape of his smile. Draw on the shape of overalls for your minion and get it all mapped out. 


Using blue paint, paint the overalls of your minion. It needs about two coats. 

Next take the white foam and cute out some teeth.  Glue all teeth together from the sides, then place them in your minions mouth with glue on the front side of the teeth.   
Next glue the eyes on.

The photos got deleted 😩 but glue the black straps on to make a band for the glasses. Take blue foam board and make straps for the overalls. Glue on two black buttons on each end. I spray painted yellow over all the pencil marks. Take to foam half circles and paint them yellow. Cut sits in the to fit in minions arms. This is to help the costume stay up on whoever is wearing it.  


You’ll need a long sleeve yellow shirt (I got this from Walmart, it also came with a hat), some blue jeans, black gloves, and black shoes. Then, all you need to do is get dressed!  And admire your minion! Let me know if anyone tries this and tag me in yor photos 😊 

We recently went to my moms work and everyone loved this! The amount of attention we got was overwhelming! Tristan is so happy with his costume! 😊



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