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september favorites
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Products Mentioned

Zala 20 inch Hair Extensions:
So far, I love these hair extensions! I am still working on blending them, but for the most part, I love them! I am currently wearing them longer than I would prefer to ensure that I do not cut to much off of them.

Lorac Contour Palette:
This palette has been controlling my life since the day I got it. The contour colors are mostly cool toned which is perfect for contouring, but are still a bit warm and combined the three create a wonderful work of art!

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundatin in 150:
This foundation looks great from the moment I put it on, until the moment I take it off at night. It is great.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette the Edit:
Although it is less “shimmery” than I had expected, So far his palette give me the lit from within glow! I especially love the bottom row of two blushes, and a bronzer.

Shady Lady Eyeshadow in Shameless Shana:
FAVORITE EYESHADOW OF LIFE RIGHT HERE!!!! Im not sure if its just the color with my eyes or what, but I can’t ever get enough of this eyeshadow. I do covered it from my first tipsy bag I received several years ago and have never turned by back since.

Rimmel Eyeliner in exaggerate:
I like that this eyeliner stays well on my water line. I also think the color is almost perfecter a drugstore nude eyeliner, not to orange or peachy. I like the blending sponge on the other end it is very convenient.

Wet N Wild Lipstick Spiked with Rum:
I love this lipstick for an inexpensive fall color that doesn’t make my teeth look yellow.

Tarte Smooth Operator Loose Powder:
On days when I don’t use smooth operator, I usually don’t even like my makeup that day. This fills in my pores to give that flawless finish. I love setting my makeup with it. Its translucent so the color works for everyone, I prefer to loose powder form to really work the powder into my skin by pressing, but they do offer a pressed powder as well.

Eyelure Fase Eyelashes in Volume 101:

I can’t stop. This was a game changer. This ups my look, and I can get my makeup on so much quicker with out having to pile on mascara. Some days I still opt for that look, but it is just not the same. These eyelashes are so natural and pretty, no one even looks at me like they think I have false eye lashes on, they just can’t stop staring at my eyes. I use Ardell brush on Lash Adhesive
to apply them because it has a brush on it and is super easy!

Licensed Esthetician for the state of Iowa #070000 since 2012.

Favorite Makeup Brushes:

Purchase the best mascara ever from my own online store. As a younique presenter

All about eyebrows:

Everyday makeup summer:

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This channel is here for me to hopefully share all the education I’ve learned with skin and health care. I also love beauty! I have watched beauty videos on Youtube for over 5 years. I went to school for esthetics to learn how to be a makeup artist and fell in the love with the other side of it, the side I never thought I could love and then learned it was my passion all along. From then I worked as a skin care specialist first hand with a dermatologist.

I now stay at home with my son on a farm. It gets lonely from time to time and with my love of talking I figured I could combine the two, put myself up on camera, and with any luck someone will take the time to share my knowledge with me. I hope you all want to get to know me as much as I want to know all of you πŸ™‚

Eyelure Fase Eyelashes in Volume 101, Tarte Smooth Operator Loose Powder, Wet N Wild Lipstick Spiked with Rum, Rimmel Eyeliner in exaggerate, Shady Lady Eyeshadow in Shameless Shana, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette the Edit, Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundatin in 150, Lorac Contour Palette, Zala 20 inch Hair Extensions


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