#periscope @rachelann0923 

Hey guys! I’m still here 😊 

As you know, I told my boyfriend about my “YouTube career” if you’d like to call it that lol. I’ve felt a little more chill since then and I’m relaxing a bit while waiting for my hair extensions. They should be here Wednesday, I seriously can’t wait. I’ve been waiting to make a video and it’s been so hard actually! I feel lazy. 
I did manage to talk my boyfriend into making a video too. It’s a long story I can mention it later. But we made his first video and it’s pretty good for a first video! It has some funny things in it that made me laugh a lot. I edited it around and felt pretty proud of myself! (He works a lot so I’m helping edit while he manages to figure out other stuff.) point is, I DID make a YouTube video!
I wanted to make this post to talk about periscope. It’s this new social media site and part of Twitter. Ive decided to join that community and it’s super fun! I actually get nervous a lot still! I get ready on it mostly. I want to build a following and have like #askanesthetician and get ready with me videos.  

The other day while scoping my facemask, someone finally asked me a skincare question! I was so happy!!! I really want to teach people that all you need is knowledge to have good skin! It’s mostly preventative so education is key! 
Lately I’ve been makeup scoping at 9 am mountain time Tuesday-Friday while my son is at preschool. I actually don’t get many viewers at this time, I think since it is the morning and so new. So I also scope random in the evening to help put myself out there. So ya add me on periscope. Join the community to! It’s so new everyone is just supportive! Periscope needs people to watch AND to make great content 😊 my username is @rachelann0923 
I am excited to film this week! I just want my hair extensions… Sorry…. I’ve been growing my crappy hair out for ten years and I’m officially waving my white flag and getting hair extensions. A decent kind. I just hate my hair! Lol 
I might make a makeup brush video next on my favorite brushes. I am going to start my contouring series first I think, but should probably explain my brushes. 

I seriously have like 500 videos I want to make and can’t choose.  

My sons periscope show! He loves it too!

My snap today cause I don’t seem to have photos… Add me on snapchat! Chillrae

See you all later! Thanks for hanging in while I try to figure out my life 😊 

Oh I’m 25 now. My hair extensions are one of my birthday presents 😊 I’ll make a blog about my birthday too. 


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