..and then Jaclyn Hill wrote me back! 

So yesterday was super great. I finally decided to tell my boyfriend that I’ve been making YouTube videos. I haven’t been wanting to tell him because it’s personal. I eventually just felt like I was keeping secrets from him and I was. Also hiding what I do with my time. But before that…

Jaclyn hill uploaded her new video.

Naturally I started watching it. I realized it was uploaded from her snapchat story because she said she was reading and replying to comments and wanted to know if we ever get replys. Well I never do. Anyways I wrote to her on her video…. And then Jaclyn hill wrote me back!

I was so freaking excited!!!! She’s my favorite. I just decided to be a hillster. She’s very inspirational to me and deserves everything she has 😊

It was just a really good night telling my boyfriend, hearing from Jaclyn finally… And the next morning I woke up feeling better than ever and filmed this video. I’ve been working on my lighting and stuff and I think it’s getting a little better 😊

I hadn’t ever tried her Scotch Magic Tape   method but I absolutely love it!!!

A more detailed blog post on my video will be up soon! Until then 😘

products mentioned

Bonne Bell Lip Lites Strawberry Parfait

Scotch Magic Tape , 3/4 x 300 Inches, 3-Pack (3105)

e.l.f. Lip Balm Tint, Berry, 0.141 Ounce

Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender – EB 13

Sedona Lace Synthetic Pointed Crease – EB 15

LORAC Pro Contour Palette Plus Contour Brush


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