Snapchat Update 2015

Last night I updated my snapchat before I went to bed, then this morning I woke up and just had a lot of fun.

I made a quick demo video to show how to use them, and i actually had to google it.  I am pretty sure i wasn’t alone.  instead of hearing “OMG thats so funny!” as my reply, someone would just end up asking me how I did that. Well here ya go.  I also added in some of my sweet little boy because DUH he’s so funny!!!! i like blogging/videoing/instagramming my life.  It’ll will always be readily available to me in my future when I’m bored or something and want to look back on my life which I do quite often.  My only regret is that when I first started youtube several years ago that I didn’t quit.  But I did.  And I am here now, and that doesn’t bother me because before I just wanted money to buy makeup.  I was a young teen, now its so much more! its a life change, and I am still working out the kinks.  Im excited to get to know everyone that follows me on this journey and I just really hope I can make an impact on someone’s life and share my experiences with them.  I’ve been through so many and they are my biggest accomplishments, and no one knows about them,

Well I’m just going to quiet myself now, get up an do the damn dishes and laundry.  The two tasks I hate most that are always weighing me down lol.  Whats your least favorite chore?  Whats your favorite?  I like cleaning the floors.

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