Glamglow mud mask 

I finally got myGLAMGLOW Superglow 1.2 oz ($45.00) today! That link is an affiliate to Amazon it was cheaper than overstock and will be less stressful 😊

Full disclosure, I’ll show you unedited before and after photos. I used my finger to put the mask on since it’s so freaking expensive. I felt that a brush would waste precious mud that cost so much money! I finally caved and bought it from for 59 dollars and I’m not sure it was worth it. I ordered this mask on August 23 and just got it today, September 11. That’s a little ridiculous and no one really cared when I called. They were kind though. 

I’m planning on making an at home facial video, but for now I will just tell you, I cleansed my face with my deep pore clarisonic, I then toned my face with Premium Rose Water By Cortas Canning Co. 10floz and let it air dry. I applied a thicker layer than I normally would since it’s my first time. I really enjoyed the menthol feeling and my face got really tight. Of course all my pores stood out. I did notice it was my pores that stood out and not necessary the blemishes in my skin. I currently have a small hormonal acne issue going on where my skin is worse in some areas, and those didn’t really look all pore blotchy like my nose. Here my mask photos! I happened to be testing out lashes to while I waited twenty minutes. It ended up being a nice touch to my photos lol 😂 

The first photos are before, and the second is after 😊 I can’t really tell in photos, my skin definitely feels better. I bet tomorrow morning after a good nights sleep it’ll be soft. Maybe I’ll take a photo (maybe not I look bad on Saturday mornings 😂.)I never give a mask just one time, but glam glow likes stating you’ll notice a difference so we will see. 

I’ll let you know about the mask! It’ll basically be in my skincare video or not, so far I’m think it will be. Either way I’m using it all its expensive lol. After I put my makeup on I felt pretty though 😊 

Have a good weekend guys 😊 
Check out my foundation routine. Sorry about the lighting it’s a work in progress 😊 


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