False fake lashes!! 

Hey everyone! My video for younique eyelash mascara is up! 

Here’s the link if you’d like to purchase it 


I mentioned in my video, my eyes were puffy, I wasn’t kidding. I think it’s from wine actually! Lol  

Pardon my presence… I really woke up like that! Lol 

So my eye shadow looks like crap in my video. I worked very hard to fix that swollen eye. At least the day before they both were equally swollen lol. 

Here’s my video. I hope you all enjoy 😊 subscribe to my channel if you will and share my videos if you will! I want to establish myself as a person and need help from my online community. But it doesn’t happen unless I ask! I love everyone that supports me! It means a lot. I haven’t had much support in my life so honestly I just want to know who my supporters are. I want to get to know everyone and make friends, and then spill my beauty secrets. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! 

Some people have an issue with links and people getting money. I did become a rep for younique because I do love this mascara, I’ve only tested the mascara. I don’t have a problem with affiliate type links it’s a simple small cut for me for showing you the project. Bloggers/youtubers you name it, work for FREE! 


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