face of the day! I’m also waiting for my video to upload! They take forever! I hope you guys watch and enjoy it 💋

I really need feedback on my videos somehow. I want them to not suck. Lol 

Today’s makeup is champagne pop on my pale skin! As my skin condition improves, my love for champagne Pop grows!! 

My skin is not where I want it yet but who cares!  

I’ve really been loving my new foundation routine! It’s so easy for my face to get red and inflamed (pale skin problems) and so difficult to cover! Color matching is a serious problem too!  

Basically, I love my champagne pop highlight, becca mineral blush in honey, and my morphe palette and of course lashes. Light eyeliner today since I’m in my flannel. This shall be “farmhouse glam” lol. 

Red/orange lid and a cool grey/brown crease. 

Orange under bottom lashes. And fiber lashes.

What’s everyone else up to this Labor Day weekend? I’ll probably do nothing! 💋 


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