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Hey guys! I’m still here 😊 

As you know, I told my boyfriend about my “YouTube career” if you’d like to call it that lol. I’ve felt a little more chill since then and I’m relaxing a bit while waiting for my hair extensions. They should be here Wednesday, I seriously can’t wait. I’ve been waiting to make a video and it’s been so hard actually! I feel lazy. 
I did manage to talk my boyfriend into making a video too. It’s a long story I can mention it later. But we made his first video and it’s pretty good for a first video! It has some funny things in it that made me laugh a lot. I edited it around and felt pretty proud of myself! (He works a lot so I’m helping edit while he manages to figure out other stuff.) point is, I DID make a YouTube video!
I wanted to make this post to talk about periscope. It’s this new social media site and part of Twitter. Ive decided to join that community and it’s super fun! I actually get nervous a lot still! I get ready on it mostly. I want to build a following and have like #askanesthetician and get ready with me videos.  

The other day while scoping my facemask, someone finally asked me a skincare question! I was so happy!!! I really want to teach people that all you need is knowledge to have good skin! It’s mostly preventative so education is key! 
Lately I’ve been makeup scoping at 9 am mountain time Tuesday-Friday while my son is at preschool. I actually don’t get many viewers at this time, I think since it is the morning and so new. So I also scope random in the evening to help put myself out there. So ya add me on periscope. Join the community to! It’s so new everyone is just supportive! Periscope needs people to watch AND to make great content 😊 my username is @rachelann0923 
I am excited to film this week! I just want my hair extensions… Sorry…. I’ve been growing my crappy hair out for ten years and I’m officially waving my white flag and getting hair extensions. A decent kind. I just hate my hair! Lol 
I might make a makeup brush video next on my favorite brushes. I am going to start my contouring series first I think, but should probably explain my brushes. 

I seriously have like 500 videos I want to make and can’t choose.  

My sons periscope show! He loves it too!

My snap today cause I don’t seem to have photos… Add me on snapchat! Chillrae

See you all later! Thanks for hanging in while I try to figure out my life 😊 

Oh I’m 25 now. My hair extensions are one of my birthday presents 😊 I’ll make a blog about my birthday too. 


While waiting for my hair extensions to arrive and patiently waiting to NOT make YouTube until they get here, 
I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with periscope. I’ve started get ready with me videos on periscope. Tuesday-Friday I will get ready on periscope. (Ok unless I’m making a YouTube video) I’m mentioning it in my blog to help me personally. I’d to would like to follow my my periscope is the same as my Twitter : rachelann0923 until I receive questions or requests, I’ll just continue to get ready on there 😊 it’s new, but super fun. I hope you join me  

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Jaclyn Hill Fall Favorites Tag | Rachel Ann

Hey everyone! Sometimes this website bothers me because I type a really good post, then it vanishes like just now. Basically I said I did the Jaclyn Hill Fall favorites tagged, I hope you watch it and enjoy it.If you like my videos or learn something please subscribe and share them 🙂

This will hopefully be my last video with terrible looking hair. I’m supposed to get my extensions and I am trying to hard to not film until I get long luxurious hair on film 🙂

Oh you girls keep me young!

(haha. can you guess it?)

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Products Mentioned

Rustic Lakehouse Candle 719 Walnut Avenue (forgot to mention this isn’t very smelly, it’s a “starter candle.” Also, I can’t find it online, it is in the cleaning section at Walmart.)

Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Naturals N9: http://goo.gl/6oqoM5
Be a bombshell cosmetics lip balm in ruby: http://goo.gl/2yW53e

Venti Skinny Marble Mocha Macchiato (caramel macchiato w/white and dark mocha)
Venti Skinny White Mocha w/ whip and caramel brulee spinkles

Dallas Blush by Benefit Cosmetics: http://goo.gl/54lt1v
Milani Luminoso 05: http://amzn.to/1FrnZ2Q
Smashbox Soft Duo: http://amzn.to/1gJuNNA


Merona Plaid Shirt: http://goo.gl/JlQWeM
Adi Designs Shelley Mid-calf boots: http://goo.gl/02ZQ8g
Nick and Nora Sock Monkey slippers (not sold right now): look alike on amazon >> http://amzn.to/1G0farX

Thanksgiving food:
Turkey Drumsticks, cheesy potatoes, jello salad, toasted marshmallows

The Devil Wears Prada: http://amzn.to/1LKInJ9
Mean Girls: http://amzn.to/1gJwIld
Wall-e: http://amzn.to/1LKIwMN

Halloween costume:
Napolean Dynamite

Fall Tv Shows:
Grey’s Anatomy
How to get away with murder
Faking it
Nashville (HOW DID I FORGET THAT!?!?!?)


Scotch Tape Cat Eye: first impressions | Rachel Ann

Hey everyone! Just the Details on my scotch tape first impressions I did! I love this look! I have already done this several times again and look forward to showing you my FAVORITE scotch tape look, once I pick it out of course 🙂 Please subscribe if you haven’t already and share my posts if you like them or learn something new 🙂

hello all 🙂

snapchat: chillrae
Twitter: rachelann0923
instagram: rachelann0923

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Products Mentioned
scotch tape: http://goo.gl/OD12Vv

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics eye base in Submissive: http://goo.gl/JTtcGs

Sedona Lace EB13: http://goo.gl/gYO0ET

Sedona Lace EB15: http://goo.gl/Lrvuh4

Lorac Contour Palette: http://goo.gl/gJH3gF

E.L.F Lip tint in Berry: http://goo.gl/KObnZw

Bonne Bell Strawberry lip lites: http://goo.gl/MUUd1Y

Licensed Esthetician for the state of Iowa #070000 since 2012.

Purchase the best mascara ever from my own online store. As a younique presenter

All about eyebrows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9z4f…

Everyday makeup summer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlf8o…

This channel is here for me to hopefully share all the education I’ve learned with skin and health care. I also love beauty! I have watched beauty videos on Youtube for over 5 years. I went to school for esthetics to learn how to be a makeup artist and fell in the love with the other side of it, the side I never thought I could love and then learned it was my passion all along. From then I worked as a skin care specialist first hand with a dermatologist.

I now stay at home with my son on a farm. It gets lonely from time to time and with my love of talking I figured I could combine the two, put myself up on camera, and with any luck someone will take the time to share my knowledge with me. I hope you all want to get to know me as much as I want to know all of you 🙂

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..and then Jaclyn Hill wrote me back! 

So yesterday was super great. I finally decided to tell my boyfriend that I’ve been making YouTube videos. I haven’t been wanting to tell him because it’s personal. I eventually just felt like I was keeping secrets from him and I was. Also hiding what I do with my time. But before that…

Jaclyn hill uploaded her new video.

Naturally I started watching it. I realized it was uploaded from her snapchat story because she said she was reading and replying to comments and wanted to know if we ever get replys. Well I never do. Anyways I wrote to her on her video…. And then Jaclyn hill wrote me back!

I was so freaking excited!!!! She’s my favorite. I just decided to be a hillster. She’s very inspirational to me and deserves everything she has 😊

It was just a really good night telling my boyfriend, hearing from Jaclyn finally… And the next morning I woke up feeling better than ever and filmed this video. I’ve been working on my lighting and stuff and I think it’s getting a little better 😊

I hadn’t ever tried her Scotch Magic Tape   method but I absolutely love it!!!

A more detailed blog post on my video will be up soon! Until then 😘

products mentioned

Bonne Bell Lip Lites Strawberry Parfait

Scotch Magic Tape , 3/4 x 300 Inches, 3-Pack (3105)

e.l.f. Lip Balm Tint, Berry, 0.141 Ounce

Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender – EB 13

Sedona Lace Synthetic Pointed Crease – EB 15

LORAC Pro Contour Palette Plus Contour Brush

Snapchat Update 2015

Last night I updated my snapchat before I went to bed, then this morning I woke up and just had a lot of fun.

I made a quick demo video to show how to use them, and i actually had to google it.  I am pretty sure i wasn’t alone.  instead of hearing “OMG thats so funny!” as my reply, someone would just end up asking me how I did that. Well here ya go.  I also added in some of my sweet little boy because DUH he’s so funny!!!! i like blogging/videoing/instagramming my life.  It’ll will always be readily available to me in my future when I’m bored or something and want to look back on my life which I do quite often.  My only regret is that when I first started youtube several years ago that I didn’t quit.  But I did.  And I am here now, and that doesn’t bother me because before I just wanted money to buy makeup.  I was a young teen, now its so much more! its a life change, and I am still working out the kinks.  Im excited to get to know everyone that follows me on this journey and I just really hope I can make an impact on someone’s life and share my experiences with them.  I’ve been through so many and they are my biggest accomplishments, and no one knows about them,

Well I’m just going to quiet myself now, get up an do the damn dishes and laundry.  The two tasks I hate most that are always weighing me down lol.  Whats your least favorite chore?  Whats your favorite?  I like cleaning the floors.

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Glamglow mud mask 

I finally got myGLAMGLOW Superglow 1.2 oz ($45.00) today! That link is an affiliate to Amazon it was cheaper than overstock and will be less stressful 😊

Full disclosure, I’ll show you unedited before and after photos. I used my finger to put the mask on since it’s so freaking expensive. I felt that a brush would waste precious mud that cost so much money! I finally caved and bought it from overstock.com for 59 dollars and I’m not sure it was worth it. I ordered this mask on August 23 and just got it today, September 11. That’s a little ridiculous and no one really cared when I called. They were kind though. 

I’m planning on making an at home facial video, but for now I will just tell you, I cleansed my face with my deep pore clarisonic, I then toned my face with Premium Rose Water By Cortas Canning Co. 10floz and let it air dry. I applied a thicker layer than I normally would since it’s my first time. I really enjoyed the menthol feeling and my face got really tight. Of course all my pores stood out. I did notice it was my pores that stood out and not necessary the blemishes in my skin. I currently have a small hormonal acne issue going on where my skin is worse in some areas, and those didn’t really look all pore blotchy like my nose. Here my mask photos! I happened to be testing out lashes to while I waited twenty minutes. It ended up being a nice touch to my photos lol 😂 

The first photos are before, and the second is after 😊 I can’t really tell in photos, my skin definitely feels better. I bet tomorrow morning after a good nights sleep it’ll be soft. Maybe I’ll take a photo (maybe not I look bad on Saturday mornings 😂.)I never give a mask just one time, but glam glow likes stating you’ll notice a difference so we will see. 

I’ll let you know about the mask! It’ll basically be in my skincare video or not, so far I’m think it will be. Either way I’m using it all its expensive lol. After I put my makeup on I felt pretty though 😊 

Have a good weekend guys 😊 
Check out my foundation routine. Sorry about the lighting it’s a work in progress 😊 

Hey guys!

its Friday! Uploading went well yesterday and pretty smooth. I posted a foundation routine! 


Let me know if you like it 😊 
P.s I’m patiently waiting for my glam glow mask to get here. I’ve been waiting since August 23!!!!!! Today is the day! 😃😃😃😃 hopefully my foundation routine gets less and less and my skin gets better and better!! I’ll make a “special blog post” just for you guys 😍

False fake lashes!! 

Hey everyone! My video for younique eyelash mascara is up! 

Here’s the link if you’d like to purchase it 


I mentioned in my video, my eyes were puffy, I wasn’t kidding. I think it’s from wine actually! Lol  

Pardon my presence… I really woke up like that! Lol 

So my eye shadow looks like crap in my video. I worked very hard to fix that swollen eye. At least the day before they both were equally swollen lol. 

Here’s my video. I hope you all enjoy 😊 subscribe to my channel if you will and share my videos if you will! I want to establish myself as a person and need help from my online community. But it doesn’t happen unless I ask! I love everyone that supports me! It means a lot. I haven’t had much support in my life so honestly I just want to know who my supporters are. I want to get to know everyone and make friends, and then spill my beauty secrets. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! 

Some people have an issue with links and people getting money. I did become a rep for younique because I do love this mascara, I’ve only tested the mascara. I don’t have a problem with affiliate type links it’s a simple small cut for me for showing you the project. Bloggers/youtubers you name it, work for FREE!