City day

im going to the city as we speak with my family. It’s time to get school clothes and shoes for my baby 😕 isn’t it weird I started this blog transitions to staying at home, and now I’m all sad? The staying at home part isn’t changing for the time being. I’m ok with that. I’ve found hobbies. I have GOALS! I’ve filled some of my voids. He will only be gone until noon. His dad will bring him in so basically I get mornings to myself now. To people not staying at home with their kids, im pretty sure my job just got better in their eyes lol. I plan on organizing my side job a little better and accomplishing more while he is away at school. 

To sum everything up: I’m going to make YouTube videos focusing on esthetics. Mainly skincare and makeup. It’s hard right now my face is breaking out. I’m very hard on myself when I watch my play back. Sometimes I make videos I don’t even post. More so recently. Also why I decided to share my thoughts on here again. I’ve lost my mojo. I’ve tried coming up with ways to talk and teach and I guess I’ll just write my thoughts here and make my videos and just share both links and whoever wants to join both my paths is welcome to 😊 this site is necessary for me to put me out there. It’s hard on camera. I’m very talkative, but the biggest introvert at the same time. I’m just tired of being lonely and living life without any friends. I’ve decided to make virtual friends 😊 

I also started selling younique stuff. I love their fiber lash mascara. I plan on adding to my mascara routine with it but you can’t buy it anywhere so I decided to provide a way! With any luck I’ll make a buck or two! 

Thought I’d leave you with my “FOTD” face of the day. 

I’m trying out some new products I’m staying quiet about but will leave you with my eyes. I love my new morphe palette. The colors are all my favorite.  

Today I wanted a natural eye, glowy skin, and eyelashes. Of course it’s cause I watched Jaclyn hills video and followed along with her eye. I always manage to never look like Jaclyn 😂. I am me though. I wouldn’t enjoy being that eye strikingly beautiful. In real life I enjoy being invisible now that I am creating an online image lol. I take a lot of advice from Jaclyn I’ll end up reviewing.  Here’s my morphe 350 review 💋 

Gonna finishing chilling in the car to joe rogan on the way to omaha 🚗


3 thoughts on “City day

      1. Well I am still trying to figure that out! Haha I am trying this writing thing out. I go on walks when it isn’t one hundred degrees outside. I am also taking online classes. I enjoy cooking though and making my son homemade baby food.


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