Seriously cleaning today guys! 

Me right now

Sunday’s are my favorite. Coconut oil in my hair and an at home facial. I’ve been meaning to show you my “at home facial routine” but I need to teach about facials first. And I really want to reach contouring! I jut got my mojo last week! I need to test out masks anyway. I’ve recently purchased some I like, but need to use more before I throw it out there as it being great! 

I did clean my room yesterday and got all the unfolded laundry folded and put away. Today it won’t be hard, just weekend trash and dishes.  

I’m also going to make a video on my beauty fix box! It made me so happy when I got this! 

12 dollars. 12 dollars!!!!!!!!! 


Morning everyone 😊

it’s early Saturday morning and everyone is a asleep. I’m painting my nails and watching the perfect man with some coffee..and coconut oil. Coconut oil? Yes coconut oil. I’ve been putting it in my coffee. I love it. It’s been giving me energy, it’s been giving me life! 

Essie-beyond cozy 

CND effects – silver sparkling 

 I think I’ve got a full weekends worth of cleaning ahead of me. I also got some supplies to spice up my dining room. If it works out I might film them I’m not sure. I think I’d like to shampoo the carpets as well. This carpet cleaner I rent is professional grade. Since I’ve used it I can’t stop. 
I hope my glam glow mask gets here today. I want my skin to clear up as much as possible since I need to make a video next week. 

Tried something different, feeling fall.

so basically I colored my hair it’s fall color today.  

I’ve used this color for 10 years!!! Crazy. It’s natural instincts in hazelnut. 

I hate my hair. I’ve been growing it for forever. I’m officially giving up and getting hair extension. Not to long and crazy but seriously, my hair needs an intervention!!! I’m thinking about foxy locks. Any suggestions? Something tells me bellami is made it to be more great than it actually is..
I’ll write more later. I need to go to Walmart lol. It’s a thirty minute drive. Maybe I’ll take pictures it’s very green in Iowa right now and the corn is high! It’s actually quite chilly for August. 

City day

im going to the city as we speak with my family. It’s time to get school clothes and shoes for my baby 😕 isn’t it weird I started this blog transitions to staying at home, and now I’m all sad? The staying at home part isn’t changing for the time being. I’m ok with that. I’ve found hobbies. I have GOALS! I’ve filled some of my voids. He will only be gone until noon. His dad will bring him in so basically I get mornings to myself now. To people not staying at home with their kids, im pretty sure my job just got better in their eyes lol. I plan on organizing my side job a little better and accomplishing more while he is away at school. 

To sum everything up: I’m going to make YouTube videos focusing on esthetics. Mainly skincare and makeup. It’s hard right now my face is breaking out. I’m very hard on myself when I watch my play back. Sometimes I make videos I don’t even post. More so recently. Also why I decided to share my thoughts on here again. I’ve lost my mojo. I’ve tried coming up with ways to talk and teach and I guess I’ll just write my thoughts here and make my videos and just share both links and whoever wants to join both my paths is welcome to 😊 this site is necessary for me to put me out there. It’s hard on camera. I’m very talkative, but the biggest introvert at the same time. I’m just tired of being lonely and living life without any friends. I’ve decided to make virtual friends 😊 

I also started selling younique stuff. I love their fiber lash mascara. I plan on adding to my mascara routine with it but you can’t buy it anywhere so I decided to provide a way! With any luck I’ll make a buck or two! 

Thought I’d leave you with my “FOTD” face of the day. 

I’m trying out some new products I’m staying quiet about but will leave you with my eyes. I love my new morphe palette. The colors are all my favorite.  

Today I wanted a natural eye, glowy skin, and eyelashes. Of course it’s cause I watched Jaclyn hills video and followed along with her eye. I always manage to never look like Jaclyn 😂. I am me though. I wouldn’t enjoy being that eye strikingly beautiful. In real life I enjoy being invisible now that I am creating an online image lol. I take a lot of advice from Jaclyn I’ll end up reviewing.  Here’s my morphe 350 review 💋 

Gonna finishing chilling in the car to joe rogan on the way to omaha 🚗

Current Mascara routine.

“are your eyelashes real?”
Usually the only thing people say to me. (Side effect of bitchy resting face) yes they are in fact real and I don’t think they are that great. 

I think I can work pure magic with a mascara wand. I think I take my time and it’s literally the only thing i have patience for. And some great mascaras of course 😊 I have more to come on this issue as my eyelashes routine is always growing and evolving just like myself 😊 


Let me know how it goes 😊
I need feedback on my videos… How do I not act so awkward and weird 😂😂😂😂 lol


DIY Tooth whitening. 

I posted earlier about my DIY tooth whitening. I also made a video I thought I’d share 😊 

I still use this method, but want more!! I’m obsessed! 

This is just baking soda, peroxide and some tooth paste if you want 😊


Let me know how it goes for you all 💋

Took a break.

hey guys! I took a break! Sorry! This wasn’t working out for me, I switched to YouTube videos. I found that this was to hard to make sense on with my mind running so much!! 

After a few months of that I’m back, I think both writing and filming will satisfy me 😊 I’ll make videos here post them and right about them. I recently learned planning videos works better anyways. I feel like the quality of my videos sucks. I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself. My face is breaking out to but I’m working on that 😉 

My YouTube channel is 

It’s a work in progress 😊
I feel happier than when I first started this. Mission accomplished, I love staying at home!! My baby starts school in a week 😭