Sky diving! 

Today’s the day, my boyfriends birthday present is out into use and he jumps out of an airplane for no reason other then to jump! I couldn’t ever. I’m so afraid of heights. Thats why I love airplanes, im so high in sky, but I’d never Jump…my mom might come out later today, but guess we will see on that one. No one really likes coming out to the farm to visit.  I guess I’m watching boxing tonight too. Today seriously doesn’t sound like much fun.

I haven’t been feeling well. My “allergies” we’re just out of control. So bad one night my ears were clogged and my neck was stiff. My boyfriend also mentioned I’ve been grinding my teeth again so I thought about it and I’m pretty sure it’s tmj and not allergies..then we researched it and since my jw used to get stuck a lot, and I’m a serious tooth grinder, it makes the most sense! Our friend is a chiropractor so I’m going to see him in a few hours to find relief. I thought of this because I was uncomfortable so I popped my neck and my ears felt better. So I thought what about a neck crack? Then my boyfriend said he’d go for his allergies and I’m just going to go now even if it’s not. My iPhone seriously hurts my eyes sometimes it’s so bright. 

Pray for my man. I’m a bit nervous! He deserves this great adventure though. 


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