MOTI team member! Woo

well kind of. Like I said my goals are pretty small lately, but when I saw the article the huffinton post had on facebook about he Moti device that’s supposed to be better than an apple watch, I decided to apply to be the first to get one and I am!! First off, I’m never picked, so I’m happy. I told them that my new job of being a stay at home mom at 24 when j expected to be more like 28, has accidentally left me with voids that can’t be filled. I do work. I work all the time actually. Working was way easier than staying at home with my young son actually. I don’t get paid though, no one says thank you. If anything they my complain more! Lol anyways that wasn’t story, so I guess I get a Moti for doing chores 😊 need to clean today. Have to. It just has to all look clean by 4:30 today. 


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