Sky diving!Β 

Today’s the day, my boyfriends birthday present is out into use and he jumps out of an airplane for no reason other then to jump! I couldn’t ever. I’m so afraid of heights. Thats why I love airplanes, im so high in sky, but I’d never Jump…my mom might come out later today, but guess we will see on that one. No one really likes coming out to the farm to visit.  I guess I’m watching boxing tonight too. Today seriously doesn’t sound like much fun.

I haven’t been feeling well. My “allergies” we’re just out of control. So bad one night my ears were clogged and my neck was stiff. My boyfriend also mentioned I’ve been grinding my teeth again so I thought about it and I’m pretty sure it’s tmj and not allergies..then we researched it and since my jw used to get stuck a lot, and I’m a serious tooth grinder, it makes the most sense! Our friend is a chiropractor so I’m going to see him in a few hours to find relief. I thought of this because I was uncomfortable so I popped my neck and my ears felt better. So I thought what about a neck crack? Then my boyfriend said he’d go for his allergies and I’m just going to go now even if it’s not. My iPhone seriously hurts my eyes sometimes it’s so bright. 

Pray for my man. I’m a bit nervous! He deserves this great adventure though. 

MOTI team member! Woo

well kind of. Like I said my goals are pretty small lately, but when I saw the article the huffinton post had on facebook about he Moti device that’s supposed to be better than an apple watch, I decided to apply to be the first to get one and I am!! First off, I’m never picked, so I’m happy. I told them that my new job of being a stay at home mom at 24 when j expected to be more like 28, has accidentally left me with voids that can’t be filled. I do work. I work all the time actually. Working was way easier than staying at home with my young son actually. I don’t get paid though, no one says thank you. If anything they my complain more! Lol anyways that wasn’t story, so I guess I get a Moti for doing chores 😊 need to clean today. Have to. It just has to all look clean by 4:30 today. 

Outdoor family eveningΒ 

well for starters, got my palette today! 


I just love her! She’s like my only friend right now. Sometimes I make my boyfriend watch her so I can pretend like he’s having fun with me to. Anyways, I had already seen her video so I left shower or something, when I can back he said it was relaxing and almost like I never left, because she sounds just like me and we talk about the same nonsense. I don’t think it’s nonsense, and he might not have said that exactly, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking it. He does do a very good job at trying to show an interest in my girl stuff lol. 

I also got my loving tan that I am testing out. It’s actually not as dark s I thought it’d be! 

  This is like a before and after with the bronzing guide. Sadly, I’m naturally way whiter than this the lighting is just terrible. I’m also wearing short shorts, so I totally have pants on. 

  About 6 hours later. Not as scary as I thought it would be. Sometimes before I tan, I get flashbacks of the self tanner I used when I was 12, and it never worked and you were guaranteed to look orange. But it is different now. 

We took care of the yard, it’s so cute watching my two loves happily mow together. 


Me and tristan planted our wildflower seeds and grass patch seeds.  

We’ve already weeded this so I’m not doing t again. It is just a rental. Also in the middle of nowhere. 

  I can’t quite figure out my stay at home drinking schedule, so I sometimes have a few every other day, only if I’m in a good mood, unless it’s the weekend. I like to be very self conscious and I waited long enough to drink to ensure that I don’t have a problem like some relatives of mine may or may not have. I like to drink uv blue and diet mt. Dew. I usually drink small cups, but I’m usually not outside drinking bf working in the yard haha. But what the hell, why not? 

I’ve been patiently waiting for this one corn field to turn green. Sometimes I can’t even believe that that is actually happening, but it is.  

 It’s finally turning green. The picture sucks cause I zoomed. It’s the first thing I see outside while I poor water for my coffee in the morning, and also the last thing to turn green.  That was expected though. 

  That’s how far it actually is. I’m pretending like its wen cause everyone is so happy, but I’ve been a bit chilly in my summer clothes all day. I’m kind of excited that some people are reading my blog! It makes me happy. When I was on my phone once, my boyfriend asked me what I was doing and I said I was writing in my blog I was doing. He seemed rather surprised, he is a writer and went to one of the best journalism schools and has a great job not in writing,  but I come up with so many ideas and pressure him a lot. But that’s why he’s with my, he never wants to be comfortable and have someone that keeps him going and I am a person that is never one hundred percent satisfied. Hahah. That sounds mean but I really do just have so many ideas and goals! I love the feeling of accomplishment. When you don’t have a life you have to fill your voids with stuff you already have to do Ya know? 

I so have a question for other stay at home moms, maybe around my age maybe not. But I’ve never had a social life, and I still don’t. But does that happen to all parents? Or all people? Does everyone just stop socializing and going out? #seriousquestionfromaloser. Just kidding! But seriously this is my journal and I can say that if I want. That’s why I don’t use spell check, cause my journal isn’t worth the effort to get my MacBook when it’s not convenient. And j can’t find spell check on this app. Well maybe I will write more maybe not, my boyfriend is going skydiving and I’m pretty nervous and just pretending like its not happening. I’m pretty sure that’s why I feel a bit blah. 

P.s I facetimed with my bff today that lives in denmark. She couldn’t even believe how much tristan has changed since she last saw him which wasn’t even a year ago! He’s throwing dirt at the garage right now. I just love him though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜