Today’s big plans!

ive basically been in a zombie state just waiting for Thursday!!! For starters none of my o.c DVDs shipped from Netflix so I finally got two of those in the mail earlier, so season three here I come! It’d be great if I could just have the series done in time for my vacation, but sometimes Netflix puts me in a great mood and impresses me and is super quick, sometimes they make me depressed and take to long. I recommend Netflix DVDs to a new stay at home mom that enjoys binge watching tv! It really helped me a lot in the beginning. Actually just receiving packages makes me happy, but that option is consistent and less expensive. I also received my new darker shades of loving tan that I’m about to do along with my exfoliating mit! I must get busy and prepared because my jaclyn hill Morphe palette is supposed to arrive today, but I need to get my tan on! I usually like fake baking on Fridays. But it seriously isn’t even that warm in Iowa and we are all stark white. I bought dark and extra dark tanner. I’ve never used anything darker than the lighted test shade so this week I will do dark, and next week the darker one, just in case we look like freaks I wouldn’t want it to ruin our vacation that is in 13 days!!!!! I’m going to countdown here cause we haven’t told many people cause they will just have something to say about our trip even though they don’t have a reason 😊


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