What do you wear to work?? 

In order to get my life under control, I’ve had to eliminate some stuff in our lives. Aka all our crap! I started with my clothes, I really don’t think I’ve given any away since I was 15. It was just a bunch of polos, cardigans, and slacks. I put them all in my vacuum sealing bag thing ( which I love unless it has a hole which one does ) and hopefully won’t see them soon I guess. Or at least buy new ones 😊

This is my new look. Hair mask, face mask, tank top and leggings. All that’s missing is my fake tan forming, but we don’t do that on Tuesdays. 

I have a Boscia white brightening face mask on and a home made hair mask made of some mango butter and coconut oil to make a it grow and put some moisture back into it.  I also have some essential oils in it as well. I love it, not sure if I like it more than putting coconut oil in my hair over night. Coconut oil is becoming a part of my survival. I need it. The essential oils I used are ones that just benefit hair I guess. I don’t really remember which ones I used because I just make batches and refill my container. After going to school for esthetics, I’ve learned many of our beauty products are simple and easy to get ahold of. Most be don’t want to purchase anything that smells like car oil and I understand that, but in twenty years when I look young and everyone asks what I’ve done I guess I’ll say car oil 😂 it might not be quite like car oil, but it’s not the most pleasant fragrance. Becoming beautiful isn’t very pretty, it’s painful, ugly, and smalls bad. Amiright? 

These are my oils . I don’t have much money so I look for the best bang for my buck, and im pretty sure it’s edens garden. At least that’s what my research concluded. The helichrysum was just to expensive so that’s a different cheaper one.  Make sure you research essential oils before you use them and consult a doctor if your pregnant or breastfeeding, I keep reading that I figured I’d throw it in. I’m excited to get more into essential oils soon for flu season.  I’m still testing my home made skin care, other wise is share that, but I’m not getting the results I want right now so in waitin 😊


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