Can’t sleep. 

When I was working, or going to shook basically every week day morning for the past ten years of my life, I couldn’t wake up for crap. A tornado could come and is sleep through it. Then I stopped working and I’m up at 5 everyday. I guess I don’t feel annoyed, but it makes my days longer. I’m watching the heat with love cause he’s awake to before he goes to work. This is the 4th time we’ve watched sit and haven’t fallen asleep yet so it’s good. 

I’m not sure what cause me to sleep so bad. I’ve told myself it’s because I have nothing to look forward to. But when I do I sleep bad to. I bought some melatonin vitamins to help me falls asleep. Melatonin is what tells your brain to go to sleep and I’m pretty sure I used all mine up in 2005 staying on msn all night with my friends 😂 just kidding. Well maybe. But I really did think the vitamins worked then they didn’t anymore. I also have zzzzzquil and ice really only taken one or two and I fell asleep quite well, but I could have just been so exhausted that I fell asleep. I’ve taken up a liking for essential oils. A read an article about how vetiver can make you go to sleep, I bought some of those for my home made skin stuff and picked up the vetiver for sleep. Apparently you put it on your big toe and fall asleep. The smell is quite…. Intriguing. I read it’s pretty bad at worst and you learn to love it but in my essential oil diffuser it was so bad I can’t put it in my big toe yet to try lol.  What else to put me to sleep? I read that it could be my anxiety pill, but I’m not ever taking prescription sleeping pills! Unless I’m so tired I’m a zombie. 


2 thoughts on “Can’t sleep. 

  1. I’ve never even heard of vetiver but it sounds interesting! I heard chamomile tea & sleep aid pills help people without them becoming dependent. For me, sometimes I have to read a really boring book (like one I’ve read 10 times) before I get tired. A hot bath in just candlelight also helps me relax!


    1. Reading would bother me cause I’d have to have the light on! Lol I do note movies I repeatedly fall asleep to and play those. I forgot to write about how my bed sucks lol.


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