The only way to whiten my teeth!

I love having white teeth, my goal is to find out the secret to sparkle white teeth. So far this method is my favorite! I’ve tried several of them and usually I can’t notice a difference at all. I believe crest white strips used to be way better than they are now! This method is also super cheap, actually the cheapest. You most likely have everything at home already.  

This doesn’t look like any fun and I waited so long to try it myself (my mom used to say it worked, didn’t try it until pinterest lol).  Just put some baking powder in a bowl and mix hydrogen peroxide with it until you get a paste. I just use my tooth brush to mix it since you’ll be using that anyway. 

 Just scoop it up with your tooth brush and brush your teeth for about 2-4 minutes.  I also have white trays and sometimes I just put the paste in the trays and sit for a few minutes. 

A couple things I should mention, this hurts a little. If it bothers you then don’t do it. After I get done usually part of my gums are bleached, this is normal and will go back.  It’s probably happened if you’ve ever whitened yor teeth before. I swish with a mouthfulnofnperoxide after for a few seconds. Then u sit with Luke warm water in mouth and watch tv cause it hurts for a little bit. Your gums may hurt for a little while after.  I’d do this twice a week then once a week then maybe even every other week. I guess whatever, but it’s up to you lol. 
I hope someone reads this and tries it and it works. I’m so invisible in life that if someone does ask me about my teeth they stop listening before they know what to do 😂. I love my ideas. I spend all my waking hours thinking of them and trying stuff. I just want to share what I’m learning so no one else has to waste their time. 

With out further ado, here’s my results of this treatment so far. And my little boy 😘



3 thoughts on “The only way to whiten my teeth!

    1. It hasn’t made mine sensitive yet. Crest strips usually do make mine sensitive too. Just do once a week or a Monday then Thursday or Friday and start just a few minutes and test it out. I forgot to add in the toothpaste part. You can add toothpaste, i might have noticed it doesn’t work quite as well though

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