2 year anniversary 

on April 26, 2013 I set out for a night with my friends and met the love of my life 😍 

So to celebrate I tried to recreate our night. We stayed at the double tree in downtown Omaha which isn’t called that anymore but was then, we breifly talked there and held hands for 5 seconds. It was cool though I’m glad I got to hangout here and could actually talk 😂

As a present, i used a groupon and got us this doormat.  The groupon was for http://www.personalizedplanet.com I paid about 16 dollars for his and I love it!  


It’s just to perfect for words!! 

My mom watched our son and we went to Pig n Finch in omaha for dinner. If you were thinking I didn’t use a groupon then your on crack! I paid 15 dollars for a thirty dollar credit and this delicious expensive restaurant with a small menu. It was pretty expensive, worth it, but expensive. We both ordered the same dinner which was only about 14 dollars, the fries were incredible! I ordered the garlic mayo and ranch for my fries and didn’t even eat the ranch, partially because it didn’t taste like ranch and was very garlicky (one should never alter tha taste of ranch!!!!), but the garlic mayo was soooo good! We got a BLAT ( bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomatoe) and added a fried egg.  


So satisfying! We also got desert. Because it had bacon!  and chocolate covered potatoe. Chips. This was 7 dollars and huge. I’ll probably go back a lot to eat desert on the patio and have some drinks. It’ll be awhile for dinner though. After our groupon and ordering the less expensive meals, it was 65 dollars. Plus the 20 dollar tip it was 85. Good for an anniversary though!!  

I don’t have photos, but after we went to the 360 bar and grill at jarrahs for a drink looking over the Missouri River and omaha then went back to the hotel and fell asleep 😂 I so badly wanted to stay up late!!


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