This weather though


It won’t end. I can’t happily blog daily with this constant cold, dreary, windy weather.  Everyday I tell my son we will go outside of he’s good but he thinks we just won’t now because it’s always sooo cold still.

next month we are going on vacation though!!! Planning a vacation has seriously consumed my life. I may have even taken it to far and took it way to serious but that’s ok I needed a project. Traveling has been something I have always wanted to do. My goal was to be a flight attendant to fly the world, but life had other plans for me and I’m a mom. I love taking him on trips with me! Our first big trip was to new Orleans about two years ago and I’m itching to get out of here so bad now. When I lived in Nevada, we were always accidentally vacationing I guess. My dad worked with a lot of people in California and we always drove over with him and just did stuff while he worked.  Having said that, it was a little difficult for me to find a west coast vacation. I said I wanted to go to my hometown if I went out west and we basically aren’t doing that at all, lol. We are going to Los Angeles! Which is cool cause we never got out of the car there, we always just drove around.

Needless to say I’m excited! And as my boyfriend brought it to my attention I won’t be an outcast there either and I got even more excited!!! I’ve lived in Washington, California, and Utah before my final move to Nevada, so the west is just my place, my home.

This was like the 6th vacation I planned, it was so hard to make choose a destination with my free airfare and all thanks to all my points I accrued. The trip isn’t too bad so far!

3 round trip flights from eppley airfield to LAX : Actually about 33 dollars, the hotel I purchased through and we will be about a mile away from Disneyland. It should be nice the pool has a tiki bar and I’m hoping to get a room right by it so that when the little on sleeps we can drink and swim. My son isn’t old enough but I good idea for vacationing is day camps. I’m so doing that in the future. the camps usually aren’t over night, either a half day or a full day, but it’s still a place for your child to have fun while you maybe sight see on the boring stuff they don’t want to go to anyway. They have some groupons for camps so this could be affordable as well.  Trip planning is very special to me, it combines several of my favorite things, traveling and being cheap! I’m such a boss when it comes to finding a deal online. I planned a trip to norway for us with airfare (Nyc to Oslo) for 1200 dollars round trip for all three of us! I literally cried when my boyfriend said he didn’t want to do that.  So naturally I’m not very happy when I can’t, for the life of me, find cheap Disneyland tickets!! I guess they don’t exist or something, that’s what the hotel said. That’s going to put is back 300 dollars, but I feel like taking my child a mile away And not going is just pplain mean. And I was only about 3 when I went and don’t remember anyway.  So if anyone sees this and knows where to get less expensive Disneyland tickets let me know! Or anything cool we should do while we are in Los Angeles!


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