Today’s big plans!

ive basically been in a zombie state just waiting for Thursday!!! For starters none of my o.c DVDs shipped from Netflix so I finally got two of those in the mail earlier, so season three here I come! It’d be great if I could just have the series done in time for my vacation, but sometimes Netflix puts me in a great mood and impresses me and is super quick, sometimes they make me depressed and take to long. I recommend Netflix DVDs to a new stay at home mom that enjoys binge watching tv! It really helped me a lot in the beginning. Actually just receiving packages makes me happy, but that option is consistent and less expensive. I also received my new darker shades of loving tan that I’m about to do along with my exfoliating mit! I must get busy and prepared because my jaclyn hill Morphe palette is supposed to arrive today, but I need to get my tan on! I usually like fake baking on Fridays. But it seriously isn’t even that warm in Iowa and we are all stark white. I bought dark and extra dark tanner. I’ve never used anything darker than the lighted test shade so this week I will do dark, and next week the darker one, just in case we look like freaks I wouldn’t want it to ruin our vacation that is in 13 days!!!!! I’m going to countdown here cause we haven’t told many people cause they will just have something to say about our trip even though they don’t have a reason 😊

What do you wear to work??Β 

In order to get my life under control, I’ve had to eliminate some stuff in our lives. Aka all our crap! I started with my clothes, I really don’t think I’ve given any away since I was 15. It was just a bunch of polos, cardigans, and slacks. I put them all in my vacuum sealing bag thing ( which I love unless it has a hole which one does ) and hopefully won’t see them soon I guess. Or at least buy new ones 😊

This is my new look. Hair mask, face mask, tank top and leggings. All that’s missing is my fake tan forming, but we don’t do that on Tuesdays. 

I have a Boscia white brightening face mask on and a home made hair mask made of some mango butter and coconut oil to make a it grow and put some moisture back into it.  I also have some essential oils in it as well. I love it, not sure if I like it more than putting coconut oil in my hair over night. Coconut oil is becoming a part of my survival. I need it. The essential oils I used are ones that just benefit hair I guess. I don’t really remember which ones I used because I just make batches and refill my container. After going to school for esthetics, I’ve learned many of our beauty products are simple and easy to get ahold of. Most be don’t want to purchase anything that smells like car oil and I understand that, but in twenty years when I look young and everyone asks what I’ve done I guess I’ll say car oil πŸ˜‚ it might not be quite like car oil, but it’s not the most pleasant fragrance. Becoming beautiful isn’t very pretty, it’s painful, ugly, and smalls bad. Amiright? 

These are my oils . I don’t have much money so I look for the best bang for my buck, and im pretty sure it’s edens garden. At least that’s what my research concluded. The helichrysum was just to expensive so that’s a different cheaper one.  Make sure you research essential oils before you use them and consult a doctor if your pregnant or breastfeeding, I keep reading that I figured I’d throw it in. I’m excited to get more into essential oils soon for flu season.  I’m still testing my home made skin care, other wise is share that, but I’m not getting the results I want right now so in waitin 😊

Can’t sleep.Β 

When I was working, or going to shook basically every week day morning for the past ten years of my life, I couldn’t wake up for crap. A tornado could come and is sleep through it. Then I stopped working and I’m up at 5 everyday. I guess I don’t feel annoyed, but it makes my days longer. I’m watching the heat with love cause he’s awake to before he goes to work. This is the 4th time we’ve watched sit and haven’t fallen asleep yet so it’s good. 

I’m not sure what cause me to sleep so bad. I’ve told myself it’s because I have nothing to look forward to. But when I do I sleep bad to. I bought some melatonin vitamins to help me falls asleep. Melatonin is what tells your brain to go to sleep and I’m pretty sure I used all mine up in 2005 staying on msn all night with my friends πŸ˜‚ just kidding. Well maybe. But I really did think the vitamins worked then they didn’t anymore. I also have zzzzzquil and ice really only taken one or two and I fell asleep quite well, but I could have just been so exhausted that I fell asleep. I’ve taken up a liking for essential oils. A read an article about how vetiver can make you go to sleep, I bought some of those for my home made skin stuff and picked up the vetiver for sleep. Apparently you put it on your big toe and fall asleep. The smell is quite…. Intriguing. I read it’s pretty bad at worst and you learn to love it but in my essential oil diffuser it was so bad I can’t put it in my big toe yet to try lol.  What else to put me to sleep? I read that it could be my anxiety pill, but I’m not ever taking prescription sleeping pills! Unless I’m so tired I’m a zombie. 

The only way to whiten my teeth!

I love having white teeth, my goal is to find out the secret to sparkle white teeth. So far this method is my favorite! I’ve tried several of them and usually I can’t notice a difference at all. I believe crest white strips used to be way better than they are now! This method is also super cheap, actually the cheapest. You most likely have everything at home already.  

This doesn’t look like any fun and I waited so long to try it myself (my mom used to say it worked, didn’t try it until pinterest lol).  Just put some baking powder in a bowl and mix hydrogen peroxide with it until you get a paste. I just use my tooth brush to mix it since you’ll be using that anyway. 

 Just scoop it up with your tooth brush and brush your teeth for about 2-4 minutes.  I also have white trays and sometimes I just put the paste in the trays and sit for a few minutes. 

A couple things I should mention, this hurts a little. If it bothers you then don’t do it. After I get done usually part of my gums are bleached, this is normal and will go back.  It’s probably happened if you’ve ever whitened yor teeth before. I swish with a mouthfulnofnperoxide after for a few seconds. Then u sit with Luke warm water in mouth and watch tv cause it hurts for a little bit. Your gums may hurt for a little while after.  I’d do this twice a week then once a week then maybe even every other week. I guess whatever, but it’s up to you lol. 
I hope someone reads this and tries it and it works. I’m so invisible in life that if someone does ask me about my teeth they stop listening before they know what to do πŸ˜‚. I love my ideas. I spend all my waking hours thinking of them and trying stuff. I just want to share what I’m learning so no one else has to waste their time. 

With out further ado, here’s my results of this treatment so far. And my little boy 😘


2 year anniversaryΒ 

on April 26, 2013 I set out for a night with my friends and met the love of my life 😍 

So to celebrate I tried to recreate our night. We stayed at the double tree in downtown Omaha which isn’t called that anymore but was then, we breifly talked there and held hands for 5 seconds. It was cool though I’m glad I got to hangout here and could actually talk πŸ˜‚

As a present, i used a groupon and got us this doormat.  The groupon was for I paid about 16 dollars for his and I love it!  


It’s just to perfect for words!! 

My mom watched our son and we went to Pig n Finch in omaha for dinner. If you were thinking I didn’t use a groupon then your on crack! I paid 15 dollars for a thirty dollar credit and this delicious expensive restaurant with a small menu. It was pretty expensive, worth it, but expensive. We both ordered the same dinner which was only about 14 dollars, the fries were incredible! I ordered the garlic mayo and ranch for my fries and didn’t even eat the ranch, partially because it didn’t taste like ranch and was very garlicky (one should never alter tha taste of ranch!!!!), but the garlic mayo was soooo good! We got a BLAT ( bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomatoe) and added a fried egg.  


So satisfying! We also got desert. Because it had bacon!  and chocolate covered potatoe. Chips. This was 7 dollars and huge. I’ll probably go back a lot to eat desert on the patio and have some drinks. It’ll be awhile for dinner though. After our groupon and ordering the less expensive meals, it was 65 dollars. Plus the 20 dollar tip it was 85. Good for an anniversary though!!  

I don’t have photos, but after we went to the 360 bar and grill at jarrahs for a drink looking over the Missouri River and omaha then went back to the hotel and fell asleep πŸ˜‚ I so badly wanted to stay up late!!

What to blog about when you don’t have a life?

After I decided to blog about my life I stopped because I didn’t really have anything to blog about! So since then I’ve seriously taken up a LOVE for Amazon. I’m transforming my farm rental and myself as we speak! Well that’s what my plan is at least! I love that the shipping is free with Amazon prime. I live ten miles from the nearest fast station, and at least twenty to a supermarket, a crappy one, so this two day shipping right to my front door is the best!!! I’m going to start writing about my purchases to because frankly, whoever I am trying to talk to about it doesn’t care at all! I’m taken up a liking for super cheap stuff with 4-5 star reviews. Everything is pretty much made cheap now anyway, might as well not waste your money! I think some reviews I’ll make video journeys and photos (like my skincare) and the clothes can pretty much be photo.  I will post about my DIy’s after I am done, but might mention them before hand. 

I’m and beyond excited for my Jaclyn Hill Morphe makeup palette to arrive!!! I got my shipment details today!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

This weather though


It won’t end. I can’t happily blog daily with this constant cold, dreary, windy weather.  Everyday I tell my son we will go outside of he’s good but he thinks we just won’t now because it’s always sooo cold still.

next month we are going on vacation though!!! Planning a vacation has seriously consumed my life. I may have even taken it to far and took it way to serious but that’s ok I needed a project. Traveling has been something I have always wanted to do. My goal was to be a flight attendant to fly the world, but life had other plans for me and I’m a mom. I love taking him on trips with me! Our first big trip was to new Orleans about two years ago and I’m itching to get out of here so bad now. When I lived in Nevada, we were always accidentally vacationing I guess. My dad worked with a lot of people in California and we always drove over with him and just did stuff while he worked.  Having said that, it was a little difficult for me to find a west coast vacation. I said I wanted to go to my hometown if I went out west and we basically aren’t doing that at all, lol. We are going to Los Angeles! Which is cool cause we never got out of the car there, we always just drove around.

Needless to say I’m excited! And as my boyfriend brought it to my attention I won’t be an outcast there either and I got even more excited!!! I’ve lived in Washington, California, and Utah before my final move to Nevada, so the west is just my place, my home.

This was like the 6th vacation I planned, it was so hard to make choose a destination with my free airfare and all thanks to all my points I accrued. The trip isn’t too bad so far!

3 round trip flights from eppley airfield to LAX : Actually about 33 dollars, the hotel I purchased through and we will be about a mile away from Disneyland. It should be nice the pool has a tiki bar and I’m hoping to get a room right by it so that when the little on sleeps we can drink and swim. My son isn’t old enough but I good idea for vacationing is day camps. I’m so doing that in the future. the camps usually aren’t over night, either a half day or a full day, but it’s still a place for your child to have fun while you maybe sight see on the boring stuff they don’t want to go to anyway. They have some groupons for camps so this could be affordable as well.  Trip planning is very special to me, it combines several of my favorite things, traveling and being cheap! I’m such a boss when it comes to finding a deal online. I planned a trip to norway for us with airfare (Nyc to Oslo) for 1200 dollars round trip for all three of us! I literally cried when my boyfriend said he didn’t want to do that.  So naturally I’m not very happy when I can’t, for the life of me, find cheap Disneyland tickets!! I guess they don’t exist or something, that’s what the hotel said. That’s going to put is back 300 dollars, but I feel like taking my child a mile away And not going is just pplain mean. And I was only about 3 when I went and don’t remember anyway.  So if anyone sees this and knows where to get less expensive Disneyland tickets let me know! Or anything cool we should do while we are in Los Angeles!