day 40


Finally the end of my day. I’m eating dinner and it’s delicious! Spinach and artichoke grilled cheese sandwiches and it’s so gooood.

Today was boring. It started out intense because now that the weather is nice my son wants to go outside a lot and today he just woke up and did. I almost had a heart attack though cause he wasnt inside when I woke up. I did paint most of my dining room chairs which was nice . Meanwhile I was trying to watch tv and I picked Empire on Hulu and it’s ok. I just need background noise while I do housework. Used my Morphe warm palette and change my eyeshadow which I never do. I took a photo, but you can’t really see anything in it.

We had a volleybay tournament today at the local ymca and it was irritating as usual.  It’s a co-Ed league and one of our girls couldn’t come and no one really knew so we had three guys and two girls and they made us play with 4 people instead of 5. The team we were playing was super good so we lost pretty fast. I guess there’s a rivallry with the team and history so they play hard, we lose every time we play them so it is alright. Since we lost we had to play again and that team let us play with three guys and two girls. It really doesn’t make a difference because a girl still had to hit the ball if two guys do, but whatever. The first game our five player set up was bad and we lost a lot of points on the serve, the second two games we fixed it and won by quite a bit. I played well, I served well and I am happy. Someone even tried to throw me off my game cause my serves were so good.

Tomorrow my boyfriend goes to his weekend bachelor party in Kansas City for his friend. I talked him into allowing me to try my Luna mini on him and he said yes. I happily took the opportunity to perform a full facial on him while I watch Grey’s Anatomy. I will miss him while he’s gone, but I really hope he likes my Luna mini 😊


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