Day 39

Id die for a nap everyday. Time set aside each day to just sleep when I’m tired? Sign me up! But to my son it’s a completely different story, it’s a punishment in his head. I try to reason with him and let him know the only time he is missing anything fun from the day is when he refuses to nap, but since he’s 4 that obviously doesn’t work. Writing everyday will be hard for me to do, it’s much like talking to myself isn’t it? But it’s got to be more beneficial than me thinking all of the time.

Today’s project is tackling the giant mountain of laundry head on! See, while transitioning to my new life my old one seemed to get a little hectic. While I worked in the city I would stop by my apartment and grab a load of my stuff, I basically stopped living there months before my lease ended and we were staying with my boyfriend at his tiny house. I didn’t really do any laundry during this time period. I also didn’t while we were moving. I tried to make sure all our clothes were clean before I moved them, but there were just so many!!  Basically, everything got mixed together and I was left with no choice but to start completely over. Except our dryer is broken. Now that we live ten miles out of “town”, (quotations cause said town is 500 people), it’s a pain drying it at the laundromat, but I’m still very thankful they at least have one. For weeks I’ve been pre washing at home and bulk drying. But, sometimes I just let it sit and I’m ending that today. I think I will feel way better after we officially get moved in.

Yesterday was the first day in a while that we could actually sit outside, it was nice, it felt like home for once. A spring day when I could just feel that summer was coming and school was almost out which is what it reminded me of. My son likes being outside quite a lot, but hates it being hot. Today it is a little bit chillier, but I’m looking forward to another nice family evening hopefully!

I have  been online shopping and it makes me happy. I’m just purchasing the list I’ve acquired since not being able to afford anything. As an esthetician, skin care is important to me, I have been very hard on my skin and am making an effort to treat it better! With money, came the time to change out my clarisonic brushes and I decided to fight the cheap person inside me and purchase a Luna mini! I love it so far, my son said my skin feels perfect and it’s only been a day! I’ll re update later but as of now I can’t stop touching my softer than a baby’s bum face. Waiting for packages makes me feel like I have a purpose. I signed up for Netflix DVDs and it’s been a life saver. I get so happy seeing my new movie in the mail! I just binge watched the rest of glee and am officially caught up. Back to the grind now as I used to call it. Need to finish my laundry 😉


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